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Terms of Condition

This is a copy of the Terms and Conditions of sale effected at our online store and Datedirect Global Limited


Every sale and delivery by the Seller is based on the following terms and constitutes the entire understanding and Agreement between the                                                                                        Seller and Buyer (collectively the "parties").

Prices and Delivery

Prices agreed upon are exclusive all taxes and duties.Unless otherwise agreed, the prices and delivery terms are of ex-Sellers' Stock/Retail Outlet;                                                                              and it includes the cost of Seller's usual packing.Buyer request of delivery, special or export packing are undertaken by Seller, subject to Buyer                                                                                        agreement to pay additional charges to the Seller.

In stock-out situations, Seller shall make every reasonable effort to meet quoted/acknowledged delivery dates, but will not be liable in any manner for failure to meet such dates.


The Products sold here under remain Seller's property until full payment is effected to the Seller.

Buyer please be aware that all consumer electronics; information technology: hardware and software; and telecommunication products are subject to rights of Patent,                                          Trademark, Trade secret, Copyright and other Intellectual property rights owned by manufacturer and Datadirect Global; and compliance of licensing terms. Buyer's                                                  purchase and usage of these products are subject to compliance of licensing and end user requirement of the product. Seller is not liable for any violation of terms of                                              purchase, licensing terms, and end user agreement. Also, Seller is not liable for infringement of any third party rights, while using the product purchased.


Once our finance confirm the payment hits our bank, We will arrange to ship your items.

More for shipping please reference shipping & delivery


Seller's responsibility for the Products stops and the risk passes on to the Buyer on delivery to Buyer, his agent, carrier, transport company, mail or courier.                                                                    The Carrier, Transport Company and mailing and courier services shall be deemed to be the agents of the Buyer. Consequently any expense, damage or loss                                                            occurring during transportation has to be borne solely by the Buyer.

Warranty Terms

Product Warranty commences from the Date of the Invoice, normally for a period of 1 Year unless smartnet free.(which you can buy warranty from local manufatures.


The total liability of Seller, on any claim, whether in contract, warranty; tort, product liability; and copyright,trade secret, patent and other intellectual property rights infringement;                               
or otherwise, arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the performance or non-performance of any agreement resulting here from or from the sale, delivery resale, repair,                          replacement or use of any Product or the furnishing of any service, shall not exceed the price allocable to the Product or service which gives rise to the claim.


In no event, whether as a result of Product defect/malfunction, breach of contract, warranty; tort; copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent and other intellectual property infringement                       or otherwise, shall Seller be liable for any special, consequential, incidental, indirect or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit or revenues, loss of use of the                          Products or any associated equipment, cost of capital, cost of substitute goods, facilities, services or replacement power downtime costs or claims of Buyer's customers for such                            damages. If Buyer transfers title to, or leases the Products sold here under to, or otherwise permits or suffers use by, any third party, Buyer shall obtain from such third party a                        provision affording Seller the protection of the proceeding sentence.


If Seller furnishes Buyer with advice or other assistance which concerns any Product supplied here under or any system or equipment in which any such Product may be installed,                          the furnishing of such advice or assistance shall not subject Seller to any liability, whether in contract, warranty; tort; copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent and other intellectual               
property rights or otherwise.


By buying from Datecirect, you agree on these the terms&conditions, and our offices is subject to these terms and conditions, as well as all applicable laws, as governed and                                  interpreted pursuant to the laws of China or international laws