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Drop Shipping

What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-shipping is a classified service provided to our premium customers, usually account holders which they can avail to ship any product from our store to their                                                     very own customers with their own name and invoice. We keep our contact details hidden and send your invoice so that your customer does not feel lost –                                                                         “I ordered whom and where the product is coming from” – We remain at the back-end and let you play in the foreground.

With the Internet kicking in around the world, drop-shipping does make sense if you do not tend to keep a regular stock nor want to include in packing and shipping affairs.                                   Drop-shipping exists hand in hand with you (drop-shipper) via internet so no one will know that you don’t keep an inventory on-hand. There are no additional charges                                 whatsoever for this service from our side.

How drop-shipping is handled at Datadirect Global Limited?
  • ( 1 ) You have a customer who is agreed to buy items from you, But you do not have that item in the stock and come to us for drop-shipping.
  • ( 2 ) Simply place your order with us in the same way as usual; But add different shipping addresses (of your customer).
  • ( 3 ) Consider it done in a most discreet manner - Your customers will never know the source of your goods, and they will never know the price at what you bought these goods from us.

More in Drop-Shipping:
  • We do not include any marketing literature / flyers / newsletters / invoices etc. from our side whatsoever alongside your order. We believe in ethics even in business- evidently,                                    it is to protect your identity and reputation as a seller.
  • If your customer has a technical question to ask, or wants to exchange/return the product, he/she will have to go through you; basically you deal with your customer                                                 and get back to us for feedback, replacement or returns.
  • If your customer is importing goods in a region where there are import duties or custom charges or any other government taxes on the items being imported:                                                           your customer will have to take care of these affairs – It is best if you advise them upfront. Undoubtedly, we will support you and do everything possible to help                                                minimize the tax encumbrance if you have any special packing/ declaration instructions.
  • Please note that will prudently check against frauds; consequently, for normal orders (other than drop-ship), if the shipping address is different to the billing address,                                                  we do not process the order. So if you are a new drop-shipping customer, please contact us before each drop-ship order you inform us exclusively for the different                                            shipping address that belongs to your customer.

If you still have any further questions about this services or want to know more, please feel free to contact us anytime